The start of Blogging

In 1998 the online world including that of Web Design Malaysia had just restarted a booming phase due to the fact that Microsoft had just released their newest Operating System at the time, Windows 98. Many household families had at least one Personal Computer at home and it was during this time that multiple users were looking to create an identity online and it was also at this time that the world was going crazy for the dot-com bubble in which investors were placing money into any online SEO company due to the rise of the internet. Users were looking for a way to broadcast their keyword thoughts and opinions and for some, creating a website to do just that would be a very difficult and arguably unrewarding task. During this time, however, Pyra Labs set out to make a difference in the online atmosphere and wanted to create a site that allows users publish their thoughts and opinions online without the need to create a website that could give you a preset design which you would have to simply post your contents on. That website would be

1999 saw the release of with the service allowing users who signed up to create a profile under the blogger domain where you would be able to post pictures of their own or their friends. It had certain problems such as word limit per post and premium features blocked by a paywall but regardless it was still a massive hit and would be considered a pioneer in blogging websites in Malaysian companies. Eventually, Pyra Labs would be bought by Google and the IP being operated by them which lifted those premium features so that they were free.’s design was incredibly basic but simple to use and it was perfect for those who wanted to go into the online world. It popularized blogging and would be the precursor to social media. Later on, it would also gain more capabilities like being part of google’s email system and allowing users to place videos into the site.

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