Signboard: A Sense of Direction

Things can happen anytime, anywhere, and any situation. Sometimes, we just can’t predict things, we can’t control the outcome of all situations.

According to research, 40 percent out of hundreds of the driver got into an accident is because they are not able to see the road sign and the word on the sign board.

Some word that needed to be on the signboard have gone missing somehow, and this is very dangerous, it will cause people to get into trouble.

The material does matter, even one sentence, you never know how things signage maker change with just a sentence that is missing.

Not only the signboard does matter, the small road signs we seldom notice also playing an important role.

Besides, the design of the signboard, which include the colour and the typography size,

The colour involved in your signboard design is actually affecting people’s emotions. For example, if you see pink colour, naturally you will feel happy, and vice versa, if you see a blue colour, it gives off a sense of secure and official to people.

Therefore, the signboard we see on the road are mostly in blue, unless the specific location is a tourism place, then the background will be in brown colour.

Traffic signal gives not only to the driver, but also the pedestrian when they are crossing the road a clear direction. Remember, we cannot expect all drivers to use Google maps, there are still people that need to depend on the sign board.

Last but not least, the message in the signboard helps to reduce and avoid so many possible accidents that will caused by “miss-seeing” the details provided in the signboard. If you are having a business of your own, make sure your signage, signboard all are in good condition, ensure the quality.

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