Organic Fertiliser

Fertilizer can be defined as the natural or chemical substances that contains elements so that it can improve and increase the growth and productivity of a plant. There are two major types of fertilizer that can be divided into two which are organic and chemical. For the term organic in this sense might be exactly the same as the organic term that we usually associate with food when we buy organic produce. In fertilizer sense, organic mean its a fertilizer which substances have not been overly processed and refined. Even if the term organic makes you think it is hard to find, you could just look up and buy organic palm fertiliser in malaysia online. It is simple as that nowadays with just one click of a button and it can be sent straight to your front door. Organic fertilizer is usually matter that is derived from animal matter, different types of manure and vegetable matter or waste like we see in compost and crop residues. But in reality, organic fertilizers that are used in large scale farming is fertilizer that is made from minerals like phosphate rock.

There are many benefits to using organic fertilizer which is the major role of fertilizer that is to supply nutrients to the plants. When containing the necessary nutrients, it ensures that the plant grows in a healthy way and can grow faster and better produce. Fertilizer is also sometimes called plant food because of this purpose. Another benefit of using organic fertilizer is when it breaks down, it can also improve the soil health. After too much planting, it can actually degrade the quality of soil as well as the good components, which using organic fertilizer can help solve. Using organic fertilizer can also help reduce over fertilizing the plants due to it being a slow release fertilizer. So buy palm tree fertiliser in malaysia for your palm oil plantation.

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